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Chicksa Chat 4/26/2012
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Chicksa 202 Newsletter

April 2012

Yocona Area Council #748



Lodge Chief’s message

Dear Arrowmen,


This year has been great so far! The best thing happens to be 2012 is it's not even over yet. From the Winter Banquet, National Leadership Seminar, Lodge Leadership Development, and Conclave we as a lodge have proven ourselves to be strong and innovative. I look forward to every Chicksa event, because I have the joyous opportunity to fellowship alongside with my brothers.

                As some of you may know, this past weekend was Conclave in Altamont, TN. Yet again, was Conclave a memorable event. All though through the rain, Chicksa was successful in the aspect of collecting awards. The lodge showed Section SR-6 that Chicksa was a force to be reckoned with.  In addition to quest and the other activities, the lodge leadership took a step back to truly observe what it takes to successfully hold a conclave. We ended the trip with many great memories and with ideas and strategies to keep us ahead of the game. Next year is going to be big. Everyone will talk about it for Conclaves to come. However, we must remember our strength comes from our members and their participation.  Make sure your fellow brothers have paid their dues and come back to cheerfully serve others.

In closing, I’d like to say Chicksa is a leader. From my knowledge Chicksa has been leader long before I was born. Let’s keep this tradition going, not just in lodge but in our everyday life. Let’s show the community and Section SR-6 what it really means to be a part of Chicksa 202.


Yours in Service,

Austin Powell






Advisors Minute

Greetings Fellow Arrowmen of Chicksa 202

      On the eve of conclave in Skymont, I’m excited to be our lodge adviser and look forward to the

events of the weekend.  Our numbers are down for various reasons, but the arrowmen that are going

will represent our lodge proudly. I urge all attending to be mindful we will be hosting next year so

observe and take notes while you’re enjoying yourselves.

      LEC’s have been very productive and your lodge leadership is coming together nicely, with

qualified advisers for each position. I remind you that the LEC’s are open for all arrowmen with

the LEC voting only, but anyone can attend and voice ideas through the leadership.

     Beaver Day is coming up in May and I urge all to attend. Our preparation for next years conclave

starts this weekend. We ask for your prayers for travel and weather.


Quote for the day:  You don’t get, something for nothing,,, you can’t have freedom for free.

                        You won’t get wise with sleep still in your eyes,, no matter what your dream might be.

                                                                                                   NEIL PEART











Upcoming Events

Fri. May 4th
OA Pre-Beaver Day
Registration starts @ 6:30pm
Fri. - Sun. May 18th

OA Ordeal
Camp Yocona
Registration starts @ 6:30pm

May 19th 2012

Wed. June 6th
LEC Camp Yocona
6:30 pm
Fri.- Sun. Jul 13- Jul 15
Registration starts @ 4:00 pm

Mon. Jul 30th  - Sat. Aug.4th
NOAC @ Michigan State University

Aug.14th  - 6:30 pm
LEC @ Scout Service Center

Fri.-Sun. Aug 17th - Aug 19th
OA Ordeal @ Camp Yocona
Registration 6:00 pm

Oct. 26th - Oct. 28th
Fall Fellowship
Registration 5:00 pm
Camp Yocona





Where to go Camping Guide

          This year I will be updating the Where to go Camping guide if you have any information about a camping site to add to the guide please send an email to


For more information go to


Yours in service,

Drew Mulkey, VCC

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